REGENERATE: Great for balancing the mind and body and unwinding from daily stresses so you can focus your energy on the things that matter most in life.

May support†:

✔ Balance†

✔ Recovery†

✔ Calming†

✔ Sleep†

This adaptogenic blend is made with the number 1 superfood of the East: Red Reishi. No fillers and no additives. 100% organic and natural.


Red Reishi Mushroom. Also known as Ganoderma Lucidem and Ling Zhi (靈芝)


REISHI (Ganoderma lucidem, Ling Zhi) is known as the ‘Mushroom of Spirituality’ it has a long history of being used to improve health and longevity in the East. Today it is one of the most scientifically researched natural medicines in the world. Scientists discovered highly active beta-glucans with the ability to potentiate innate immunity by activating immune cells. Also discovered were metabolites called triterpenoids which were present in significant amounts and which puts Reishi in its own class. Reishi is a powerful adaptogen that acts as a normalizing and balancing agent helping the body adapt to varying conditions and stresses. There are a 100 types of Reishi with only six types that are used for therapeutically (red, white, violet, green, yellow and black) with red Reishi being the most revered. All of our products only use red Reishi for maximum potency.

Reishi is the rarest and most precious of all Eastern medicinal herbs, traditionally used for thousands of years for its ability to strengthen the heart, boost energy, improve memory, refine the complexion, promote good circulation, restore health and lead to longevity. Today, scientitic research is confirming what Chinese traditional medicine practitioners have known for centuries.

May support:

✔ Helps defend against tumour growth and cancer

✔ Improves liver function and detoxification

✔ Promotes heart health and balances blood pressure

✔ Helps balance hormones and fight diabetes

✔ Fights allergies and asthma

✔ Reduces risk for infections and viruses


It is of critical importance to the consumer to know that it is the fruiting body, the above the ground “mushroom”, that is the official herbal part of this botanical.  The mycelium, that part of the fungus that grows within rotting wood, is not used in Asia as a tonic herb only the fruiting body is accepted as tonic herb.  In the East the fruiting body is called the “mushroom of immortality”, not the mycelium. The mycelium however is still widely sold in America.  The mycelium is usually grounded into a powder and sold as “Reishi”. 

Real Reishi is always extracted by hot water and sometimes ethanol as it cannot be digested by humans if it is not extracted and made bioavailable.  Alpha Dynamics Medicinal Mushrooms only uses the extracted fruiting bodies and never the mycelium mass.