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This pack contains 1 item of Activate and 1 item of Regenerate. We suggest taking Activate in the morning or daytime and Regenerate in the evening.

Activate: Designed to help humans start their day feeling and performing great with an epic blend of elite adaptogens to improve your life with energy and clarity while strengthening your body’s own defenses† 

 Helps with:

  • Energy
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Immunity

Regenerate: Great for balancing the mind and body and unwinding from daily stresses so you can focus your energy on the things that matter most in life.

Helps with:

  • Balance
  • Recovery
  • Calming
  • Sleep

These blends are made with adaptogenic mushrooms only. No fillers and no additives. 100% organic and natural. Make adaptogenic mushrooms part of your daily routine for peak performance and optimal wellbeing.*

**Disclaimer: We are currently updating our packaging, your order may contain the previous packaging but rest assured that the it's the same high quality you've come to expect from Alpha Dynamics.

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